The Benefits of a Private Boat Tour in Naples, Florida

Did you know that Naples, Florida, is among the wealthiest places in the United States? Per capita, it’s home to the second-highest proportion of millionaires in the nation.

This is just one of the countless interesting facts you can learn about on a Naples sightseeing boat tour.

Are you planning a visit to our beautiful city in the near future? Or are you lucky enough to already call the Paradise Coast “home?” In either case, the best way to explore the area’s magnificent architecture and natural beauty is on your own private boat tour.

What can you expect on a Naples boat tour? Which areas will you visit, what will you learn, and what will you see? And are there any benefits to booking a private boat tour for yourself and your loved ones?

We’ll dive into all these answers and more, so let us be your guides as we discuss the highlights of Naples boat tours.

What Makes Naples So Special?

In case you’re not yet acquainted with our shores, let’s start with a brief introduction to one of Florida’s best cities.

Although the Native American Calusa tribe lived in the area for generations, Naples’ modern history began in the 1860s. Shortly after the Civil War ended, Roger Gordon and Joe Wiggins became the first permanent settlers. (In fact, two inlets and a river still bear their names!)

It didn’t take long for word to get out about the region’s stunning natural beauty. Visitors soon started comparing it to the sunny Mediterranean shores and even claimed it “surpasses the Bay of Naples, Italy.”

The name stuck. By the late 1800s, a group of wealthy Kentuckians had bought up over 3,700 acres between the Gulf of Mexico and what’s now called Naples Bay. The “Naples Town Improvement Company” built the famous T-shaped pier and developed the town to become a luxurious winter retreat.

More than a century later, that vision has been fully realized. Naples now boasts waterfront mansions, luxury resorts, and world-class dining and shopping venues. It’s also considered the golf capital of the world, with over 90 courses throughout the county.

During a Naples sightseeing boat tour, you’ll get to see parts of the city you’d never reach by land. You’ll learn more about the city’s history (and see it come to life) as you cruise around Naples Bay and the narrow canals of Port Royal. You’ll also have the chance to see local wildlife and untouched wetlands as you explore the protected Gordon River Greenway.

Why Take a Private Boat Tour in Naples?

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite for all that Naples has to offer, let’s talk about your boat tour. There are many different companies that offer boat tours in Naples, so what’s the advantage of signing up for a private pontoon cruise?

Consider some compelling reasons to do so.

1. Quality Time With Family & Friends

The most obvious reason to book a private boat tour is the chance to spend uninterrupted time with your loved ones. It’s also the ideal setting to “wow” your clients and maybe even close an important deal.

With a larger tour company, you’re stuck sharing space with dozens or even hundreds of strangers. This might be fine for other occasions, but if you’re celebrating a special event, wouldn’t you rather have privacy?

You don’t have to worry about fighting the crowds or jostling for a good spot to see the sights. It’s just you and up to five others, with plenty of space to stretch out, relax, chat, or share a meal.

2. Customize Your Cruise Experience

Larger sightseeing tours offer set itineraries and little room for customization. With a private Naples boat tour, you can create the exact itinerary and ambiance you want.

Maybe you want a fun-filled night out for a bachelorette party or birthday celebration. Maybe you want to enjoy a quiet scenic cruise with your elderly parents. Or maybe you want a cozy, romantic setting to propose to your significant other.

Whatever you have in mind for your time on the water, we’ll make it happen. You can crank up the tunes and dance the cruise away, or you can sit back and simply enjoy the scenery as it passes by.

We can also customize your cruise to your specific interests. Want to see mega-mansions of the rich and famous? Want to explore natural waterways for your chance to spot native wildlife?

Let us know what you want to see and we’ll create the perfect cruising itinerary for you.

3. Emphasis on Comfort & Safety

We’ve all been stuck on tour boats with hard plastic chairs and zero legroom. It’s not a fun way to spend the day, especially when there’s a better option!

Those big double-decker tour boats have another disadvantage. Because they’re so large, they’re limited to the bay area and the largest local waterways.

Contrast that with your private pontoon boat, which is the perfect size to solve both problems. It’s spacious enough for you to stretch out and get comfortable, but it’s small enough to navigate smaller waterways with ease. This means you’ll be able to see many tucked-away places that the larger boats simply can’t reach!

You can also rest easy knowing you’re in capable hands. Our experienced captains have been cruising the waters around Naples for decades and they know every twist and turn along the way. Why rent a boat and try to figure out where you’re going when you can have an expert navigator lead the way?

Another bonus: Our pontoon boat is easily accessible and cruises at low speeds (5-10MPH), so it’s a safe environment for people of all ages. Feel free to bring the little ones or your grandparents, or bring the entire family along for the ride!

4. Unplug From the World & Reconnect With Nature

Americans spend a staggering 10.5 hours a day staring at screens, and that figure rises every year. When’s the last time you stepped away from the computer, set down the phone, and enjoyed everything that’s right in front of you?

When you’re out on the water, screens are probably the furthest things from your mind. We’re not saying you can’t snap a few selfies to post later, but this is the perfect opportunity to “unplug” from reality for a few hours.

Instead, you’ll be able to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the salty air on your skin. You’ll be mesmerized by the endless shades of blue in the water and the sky. You’ll also have the chance to look for dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, and other common marine wildlife.

Silence your phone, step on board, and enjoy uninterrupted time with your loved ones. We guarantee you’ll feel more refreshed and relaxed than you have in a long time!

5. Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Speaking of feeling relaxed, did you know that being out on the water is actually good for your health?

It’s true. Spending time outdoors in nature does wonders for your physical and mental health. Studies show that it lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and improves your mood and focus.

In particular, being on, in, or near water is scientifically proven to promote good mental health and happiness. What better way to get out on the water and boost your wellbeing than on a private cruise?

And with all the sunshine we get in Naples, you’re sure to get your daily dose of Vitamin D too. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and a healthy heart, and it’s also proven to boost your immune system.

You likely won’t book a boat tour for health reasons, but it’s certainly a pleasant “side effect” of your cruise!

Options for Naples Boat Tours

Naples boat tours are intimate, comfortable, and luxurious. They’re even good for your health! Now that you’re sold on the idea, what options do you have for your private cruise around Naples?

Here are some sample itineraries and activities you can choose from.

Early Morning Breakfast Tours

Are you and your travel companions early birds? Why not beat the heat of the day and sign up for an early morning cruise around Naples?

Our 8 AM time slot is perfect for early risers who want to enjoy the quiet calm of the morning. We recommend ordering coffee and breakfast from Naples Bay Resort’s “Cafe on the Bay” and enjoying it onboard.

Mornings are also an ideal time to look for local wildlife. With fewer boats operating at this hour, dolphins, manatees, and wading birds are often easier to spot.

Midday Lunch Tours

Want to work on your tan while you spend time on the water? Our 11:30 AM time slot gives you ample opportunity to sunbathe, enjoy a cold drink, and get your fill of that glorious Florida sunshine.

Feel free to bring lunch, drinks, and snacks onboard from Cafe on the Bay or another favorite spot. Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen too — nothing will spoil your vacation faster than a sunburn!

Late Afternoon Dinner Tours

If you want to beat the heat of the day but still enjoy the sights during daylight hours, our 3 PM time slot could be the best choice for you. Order dinner from Bonefish Grill and enjoy your meal as we cruise through the bay and neighboring canals.

Side note: Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we provide flatware and wine glasses for your convenience.

Naples Sunset Cruise

Want to (literally) sail off into the sunset? Sign up for our romantic Naples sunset cruise, which departs in the evenings at 6:30 PM.

We know every inch of these waterways, so we know the best places to watch the sun dip below the horizon. This quiet, intimate setting is the perfect place to celebrate a wedding anniversary or pop the big question.

Naples Cocktail Cruise

If you want to cut loose, have fun, and celebrate life with your loved ones, that’s fine with us. In fact, we encourage it! Our alcohol-friendly boat will be stocked with an ice cooler to hold your favorite drinks during a cocktail “booze cruise.”

You can reserve a cocktail cruise at any time of day, although we recommend the late afternoon or sunset time slots. This is the perfect option for a birthday celebration, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or any other special occasion.

Dolphin & Manatee Boat Tour

There’s always a chance you’ll see wildlife on any of our Naples boat tours. But if you’re especially fascinated by the local flora and fauna, just let us know!

We can create an itinerary that will take you past some of the best areas for spotting coastal wildlife. You might see dolphins, manatees, large wading birds, or huge schools of fish. And although sightings are rare, Southwest Florida is the only place in the US where you can spot the American crocodile!

Meet Your Naples Sightseeing Tour Hosts

So, what do you think? Does a Naples boat tour belong on your agenda?

For all the reasons we discussed above, the answer is a resounding yes! Whether you’re visiting our beautiful shores or you’re lucky enough to call Naples home, there’s no better way to explore the area than on a private pontoon boat tour.

Choose any time of day that suits you and invite up to six friends or family members to join you. Enjoy the city’s stunning architecture and the natural beauty of the (aptly named) Paradise Coast. Share a meal, open some champagne, watch for dolphins and manatees, or simply sit back and watch the sun go down.

Why cruise with us? We’re passionate about Naples — its history, its wildlife, and its people. We offer unparalleled insight into the area and a cozy, private atmosphere aboard our private pontoon boat.

Click here to learn more about our Naples boat tours and then give us a call at 239-301-8913 to reserve your cruise. We promise it will be an experience you’ll never forget!


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